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0412 893 164
Herbal Medicine - Nutrition & Diet - Iridology

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine is a holistic form of medicine that has been around for centuries.

Today Herbal Medicine employs the use of many clinically trialled and researched medicinal herbs. The herbs are generally dispensed as herbal extracts, tablets or capsules.

Herbal medicine can be given to people of all ages and is generally free of side effects (apart from good health!)

Nutrition and dietary coaching

Nutrition relates to the nutrients in the food we consume which sustains and maintains us at a certain level of health. When the quality of nutrition decreases in our diet we become vulnerable to disease and conditions of poor health such as obesity, diabetes, digestive and gut disorders, hormone dysfunction, fatigue and anxiety.

How can Anna help you?

Anna can assist you with developing a sustainable diet that targets your condition with the aim of bringing you back into balance. Anna will work with you to develop a diet that you can easily achieve. This is important as it will help you to make changes easily and comply with your diet 100%. It doesn’t have to be hard!

Anna specialises in the following
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) – digestive problems such as bloating, reflux, ulcers, food sensitivities, constipation and flatulence.
  • Comprehensive nutritional advice and diet planning to meet your personal needs including anti-candida diet, digestive/microbiome re-balancing, weight loss and detox programs.
  • Anxiety and Stress management – feel more confident and happy with a renewed sense of self.
  • Chronic Fatigue problems, adrenal exhaustion, insomnia and generalised low energy/motivation. Feel vital again – physically and mentally!
  • Boost your immune function and eliminate recurring problems such as respiratory and throat infections, sinusitis, thrush, cystitis and generally just feeling run down.
  • Smooth transition through Menopause – addressing symptoms of hot flushes, mood swings, weight gain and poor libido.
  • Hair, Tissue, Mineral analysis (HTMA) for detection of heavy metals and the assessment of minerals for general health.
  • Integrative Functional Pathology which can be useful for identifying the cause of your problem.
  • Herbal tonics which are made specifically for you according to your health needs.


Anna is a competent Iridologist who will take a digital image of your iris which will be viewed and used to assess your constitution to gain insight into what herbs and treatments your body will best respond to. Iridology reveals where there is congestion and toxicity in the body and can also reveal mineral deficiencies. Iridology can pinpoint weak areas in a person's constitution and therefore can assist in preventing the development of disease.

What people have said

When I first met Anna in 2016 I was in a very depleted state after 10 years as a family carer. I had been in hospital with heart flutters and double pneumonia. My energy levels were low, my digestion was slow and my gut was bloated and sore with food. I was so tired I could hardly think to make a decision on what to do next. I had restless sleeps and my leg muscles kept jumping. My adrenals were exhausted from stress and I rested after every job I had to do.

After 3 months I was sleeping better, I could eat most foods without pain or bloating. I only needed afternoon rest. My brain was functioning again. My interest in life, family and events was a joy to me.

After 9 months I was sleeping 8 hours a day. My stomach had healed. My energy levels were high. I don’t need rest in the afternoon (although I take it just the same). My husband and I work on cryptic crosswords every morning. My 75 year old legs just keep dancing around the kitchen!

Thank you Anna for giving me back my zest for life.

Carole J.

For the first three days of being dairy free, and caffeine free, and taking all of your prescribed goodies I felt exhausted (normal!), but after that things improved and I honestly feel better than I have in many many years -maybe since my late teens. I haven't had a migraine this week since I started all that magnesium which is fantastic. I saw the gynaecologist he's not at all concerned -he doesn't think it's likely to be serious. In any case I'm having a hysteroscopy in Feb to remove any polyps and do a biopsy. All is VERY well thank you! Xx

Jodie U. (Uterine polyps, extreme tiredness and migraines)

Hi Anna just wanted to let you know I have had a remarkable turn-around within 24 hours since I saw you yesterday. The Herbal tonic is working wonders. I am feeling much much better more relaxed and unwound. I will come and get some more when I run out cheers.

Jeff S (client with stress and anxiety)

I booked a consultation with Anna Zerafa for my brother when he was diagnosed with advanced cancer of the prostrate. At the time my brother was already being treated by his doctor.

In the one consultation, Anna conducted tests, prescribed vitamins & supplements, gave detailed advice on dietary changes and life-style.

She also gave him a CD and notes to take with him to refer to.

I found Anna to be professional, competent, knowledgeable and caring.

My brother greatly benefited from this consultation and healing. He regained his energy, enabling him to undertake overseas travel to visit his children.

I am very grateful to Anna, and highly recommend her.


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